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Recognize Signs of Mold in Your Home

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

In as little as 48 hours, mold can quickly become a problem in your home or business when there’s a water intrusion, like that of a roof leak or leaking water line. If you have a mold problem in your home or business, your primary focus should be safety.

Make sure you stay out of affected areas and turn off the HVAC system and fans. Then contact SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park for mold remediation services.

Remember significant mold growth can occur in as little as 48-72 hours.  You might notice a strong, musty odor, this may indicate hidden mold behind drywall or under carpeting; mold isn’t always visible but the odor can help identify it.  Mold may present a greater risk to children, the elderly, and anyone with respiratory problems.

If you suspect mold growth in your home or business give SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park a call at: 

(707) 588-8226

The Dangers of a Flash Flood

1/3/2019 (Permalink)

Flash floods can occur after a heavy rainfall and it takes minutes for the water to damage houses, roads, cars or anything that it can touch. It can be very dangerous because of the volume and speed associated with rocks and other debris the water brings. but don't worry, here are some tips us at SERVPRO Petaluma/Rohnert Park are glad to provide you with.

Counties usually have a planning department that can first help you find out if your home is located in a Flash flood zone.

Have an evacuation plan and practice it with your family. There's a high chance that you community has an emergency plan and it shouldn't be hard to find it so you can be in the same page as your community.

after securing that you and your family is safe next step is calling SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park (707) 588-8226

and leave heavy job for us.

When Water Damage Occur at your Commercial Building

12/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water damage can strike at a commercial building at any time. Whether it's flooding, burst pipes or faucet leaks, water damage is one of the most common and destructive problems you can face in your business.  If not taken care of immediately, excess water in your business can promote electrical hazards, cause expensive damage to your business's structure and can even lead to the growth of hazardous mold.

If you are experiencing water damage emergency situation, give SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park a call.  Our experienced technicians are ready to restore your property to pre-water damage condition.   They can quickly extract the water and then dry your property using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your property is dry.  

SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park is locally owned and operated so we’re always ready to help with any-sized flood or water damage emergencies.

Mold around the house and tips on controlling it

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

We care about your home too much to let it go full of mold. That's why SERVPRO of Petaluma / Rohnert Park brought you tips to controlling and preventing growth of undesirable mold.

In the kitchen:

  • Use exhaust fans to move moisture outside (not into the attic) whenever you are cooking, washing dishes, or cleaning.
  • Turn off certain appliances if you notice moisture on windows and other surfaces.
  • Check for leaks around the kitchen sink, refrigerator ice makers, and other sources of water. Repair if necessary.
  • Empty and clean refrigerator drip pans if necessary.

In basements and crawl spaces:

  • Put a plastic cover over dirt in crawl spaces to prevent moisture from coming in from the ground. If there is standing water or the soil is wet, dry it out with fans before covering the floor.
  • Be sure crawl spaces are well ventilated by using fans and having vents installed in outside walls if necessary.
  • Consider painting concrete floors and using area rugs instead of wall-to-wall carpet in basements. If you plan to install carpet over a concrete floor, it may be necessary to use a vapor barrier (plastic sheeting) over the concrete and cover that with sub-flooring (insulation covered with plywood) to prevent a moisture problem.
  • Have your basement floor checked for leaks and have them repaired if necessary. Water can enter your home by leaking or by seeping through basement floors or walls.
  • Make sure gutters are working properly and that outdoor landscaping causes water to run away from -- not toward -- the house.
  • Do not finish basement walls with insulation and wall board unless your basement is very dry.

In the laundry room:

  • Vent your clothes dryer to the outside.
  • Make sure the vent is clear of obstructions, such as lint, and that there are no holes that leak air. If the vent duct is damaged, replace it with a metal duct. Have the duct cleaned at least once a year.
  • Avoid leaving damp clothes in the laundry basket or dryer. Wash and dry them promptly.

In bathrooms:

  • Use exhaust fans to remove moisture to the outside (not into the attic).
  • Use area rugs, which can be taken up and washed often instead of wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • Check for leaks around basins and tubs and have them repaired if necessary.
  • Open a window when showering.
  • Avoid leaving damp towels on the floor or in laundry hamper.

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What not to do when you have water damage

12/26/2018 (Permalink)

Sometimes when we have a water damage situation going we want to do something in order to minimize losses. Check our other posts for more information on how to prevent and act fast. We also know it's very important to know what not to do and that's why we are bringing you this list:

  • Do not use a household vacuum to remove standing water.
  • Do not leave furniture directly on wet carpeting.
  • Do not begin to repair or repaint any damage surfaces until they are completely
  • Do not turn ceiling fans on when the ceiling is wet.

We also want to remind you that we are here to help. SERVPRO of Petaluma / Rohnert Park is here to make it "Like it never even happened."

Spotting Water Damage

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Some times it's the water you don't see that causes most of the damage. SERVPRO of Petaluma / Rohnert Park knows it and because we care about you we brought information on how to see signs of water damage in your basement of foundation. Evidence of water damage isn’t always obvious and sometimes it’s not even visible so make sure you pay attention to these signs:

  • CHANGES IN COLOR/TEXTURE OF SURFACES -  Both walls and floors can show signs of water damage.
  • CRACKING – This will usually occur in the foundation and/or floor and can happen both inside and outside the home.
  • ODOR – While basements and crawl spaces usually have a certain smell, it doesn’t necessarily mean there is a water problem. Pay attention to a strong damp, musty odor that doesn’t go away (even after a storm or wet weather). In most cases, it is mold or mildew that you smell, which means you’ve got moisture or water damage on your hands.
  • MOLD – If you can’t spot mold, you can sometimes smell it, so that’s why it’s important to pay attention to distinctive odors in the basement. Mold will appear on furniture, wood and other organic materials, walls and other surfaces either as dark green or black in color or sometimes a white powdery substance.

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Preventing Water Damage

12/14/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Petaluma / Rohnert Park is always here to help with you have water damage in your home or business but we also  strongly believe in prevention. Water can damage important things and make you lose valued items we nobody wants that. that's why we are bringing you some tips to help you be safe from water damage:

  • Ensure Good Drainage

Poor drainage weakens your foundation, causing cracks, uneven settling, and pathways for water to enter your home.

  • Test Your Sump Pump Regularly

Sump pumps come to life during storms. That’s not when you want to realize yours isn’t working properly. You should check it at least once a year, and ideally perform several checks during heavy storm seasons.

  • Check for Water Leaks and Fix Them

Persistent leaks lead to mold and mildew, rot, and even termites and carpenter ants (they like chewing soggy wood, since it’s soft). Yet if you fix a leak soon after it starts, there may be no long-term damage at all.

Facts about Holidays fire

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Holidays are here and the U.S Fire Administration has some facts we at SERVPRO of Petaluma / Rohnert Park find really import to share:

  • One of every four home Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical problems.
  • Although Christmas tree fires are not common, when they do occur, they are more likely to be serious. On average, one of every 32 reported home Christmas tree fires results in a death compared to an average of one death per 143 total reported home fires.
  • A heat source too close to the tree causes one in every four Christmas tree fires.
  • The top three days for home candle fires are Christmas, New Year’s Day, and Christmas Eve.
  • Candles start two out of five home decoration structure fires.

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Causes for Mold in homes

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is a type of fungus that consists of small organisms that grow but in order for it to grow it needs some conditions and we at SERVPRO of Petaluma / Rohnert Park want you to be aware of it:

  • Mold spores
  • A food source (eg wood, drywall, cotton)
  • Darkness (mold can't grow under ultraviolet light)
  • Warmth (mold can't grow in freezing temperatures)
  • Oxygen
  • Moisture (eg water leaks, humidity)
  • Enough time (most molds can begin to grow in 24-48 hours if the conditions are right)

Your home has almost all the conditions for mold to grow, the only one of the list you can help control is moisture. In other words, the difference between whether mold grows in your home or not comes down to whether you have a moisture problem.

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Scenarios where mold can grow in your home

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Last blog post we talked a little bit about the conditions mold needs to grow. If you haven't seen it yet you can click right here and check "Causes for mold in homes".

In this post we are going to be focusing on Scenarios where the factor Moisture is found and may be key for a mold problem:

  • Leaking Pipes
  • Leaks in Roof
  • Condensation
  • Poor Ventilation
  • Wet Clothes
  • Flooding
  • Damp Basement
  • Water at the House's Foundation

If you have any of these situations above, don't hesitate to call us. As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of Petaluma / Rohnert Park provides 24-hour emergency service and is dedicated to being faster to any size disaster. We can respond immediately to your emergency and have the expertise to handle your restoration or cleaning needs