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Main Causes of Home Water Damage

8/30/2019 (Permalink)

Insurance companies report that approximately 93 percent of water damage claims last year could have been prevented by simple home maintenance or the use of a standard shut-off system or leak detection system. With most flood damage claims costing an average of $5,000 in repairs, it's extremely beneficial for homeowners to understand and easily identify possible threats that might lead to water damage.


According to insurance companies, rain damage makes up for 8 percent of all water damage claims. Even small amounts of rain, over time, can wear down at your home and cause eventual damage to your home's foundation or interior. Extreme weather conditions such as floods can also cause major damage to homes, especially without the proper protection. Flood damages lead to especially dangerous amounts of standing water, which can house harmful bacteria and pathogens that often lead to illness.

Plumbing Incidents

Many plumbing problems such as burst pipes and pipe leaks occur within walls and can be very difficult to detect. Left undetected for long periods of time, these plumbing problems can cause severe water damage. Leaky and burst pipes are the most common culprits of flood damage, often resulting from backed up drains and toilets. Experts suggest regular inspections of your pipes in order to catch potential problems and make necessary repairs before any real damage occurs.

Household Appliances

Older and malfunctioning appliances can wreak havoc on a home's internal water systems. Weak hoses and rusted or cracked pipes can lead to future leaks and water accumulation. Homes most frequently experience damage from damaged or aged washing machines and hot water tanks; however, dishwashers, refrigerators, and water heaters can also become more and more susceptible to damage over time. Fixing or replacing older models can prevent future leaks and water damage.

Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation Systems

Most homeowners don't realize that their heating and air conditioning systems require regular maintenance. Without proper attention, these units can see severe moisture buildups which can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew deposits. To prevent these issues, schedule regular maintenance with a professional to catch possible damage. Replacing old fixtures may be necessary in the long run to prevent moisture buildups and, ultimately, water damage.

How to Prevent Water Damage

While some water disasters occur as a result of unpredictable and uncontrollable circumstances, most H2O damage can be prevented through regular home inspections and the periodic maintenance of household products. Homeowners can also install a shut-off system or leak detection system to catch leaks and shut off your water main automatically in the case of a hazardous leak. Investments in smaller repairs and other preventative measures can end up saving you hundreds, even thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you need professional help, call SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert park today 707-588-8226.

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Protect your family and home

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

House fire is a scary situation. It is a disaster that no one ever wants to experience in their life. As a fire restoration and cleaning company, what we come to realize is, many fires originate from the dryer. Here are some ways that you can prevent dryer fire from destroying your home.

  1. Always clean your lent screen before pushing the start button.
  2. Regularly clean your vent hose and make sure to check that they are in good shape. Try to keep the vent hose as short as possible to avoid clogging.
  3. Clean the vent line regularly to prevent clogging. If you are not able to clean the vent yourself, call SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park. We have professionals who can quickly remove and restore your vent line.
  4. Keep the area around and behind your dryer clean and away from any material that can cause a fire.
  5. Regularly clean the lint inside of the dryer. Some dryers today may be more difficult to clean in which you'll need a technician help.
  6. If you have a gas dryer, make sure you check your gas line periodically. When in doubt, replace the gas line.

If you need professional assistance in cleaning out your vent line, call us today at 707-588-8226. We are "Here to Help".

Essential Safety Tips When Grilling

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Outdoor grilling is such a popular method of cooking these days that it is easy to forget that outdoor grills can be very dangerous. In this article I am going to cover some essential safety tips that when followed, will keep you and your family safe during the grilling season.

  • Check Your Grill - This is especially important if your grill has not been used for some time. It is important to check your grill for wear and damage, this applies to both gas grills and charcoal grills. If you have a gas grill then remember to check that the rubber gas hose that connects to your gas cylinder is in good condition.
  • Grill Positioning - Place your grill on a solid, level surface, well away from any flammable material and ideally a good 3 meters from any structure.
  • Never leave a lit grill unattended. - The Fire can quickly and easily rage out of control, and remember that charcoal can burn at very high temperatures.
  • Never allow children or pets to play or run around your grilling area. A knocked over grill can cause severe burn injuries.
  • Never use any kind of accelerant to assist in the lighting of your grill. If you have a gas grill and it does not have an automatic ignition system, then a long handled butane lighter is ideal. If you have a charcoal grill then why not try a chimney starter for ease of lighting.
  • Do not wear loose fitting clothing that is likely to dangle into the fire and catch light. A pair of heat resistant grilling gloves or mitts are a great way of protecting your hands and lower arms.
  • Use long handled grilling tools whilst cooking. This will allow you to reach all areas of the grill without burning your hands. Try and avoid tools made of nylon and other materials that could easily melt.
  • Invest in a grilling thermometer. This will ensure your meat and poultry are cooked right through.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher or a spray bottle of water close to hand. A grill fire can quickly get out of hand - especially when using a charcoal grill. If food drips too much fat and juice onto the fire this can result in a flare up. Usually water from a spray bottle is sufficient to reduce a flare up.
  • Make sure all plates, boards, knives and other utensils that have come into contact with raw fish, meat or poultry are washed properly.
  • When you have finished grilling, ensure the grill is fully cooled before moving it. If you have a charcoal grill, make sure the coals are completely cooled before you empty them

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Flood Damage Prevention

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Anywhere it rains heavy for long periods of time, levees break, drainage systems are clogged or old and where there are hurricanes and tropical storms, flooding can result. Floods can happen anywhere and to any property. There are preparations that can help minimize the potential flood damage and speed up the damage recovery after a flood.

The first thing that needs to be done is to get flood insurance. After that, there are other preparations and preventive actions that you can do to lessen the losses in the home. Creating a file (flood file) with information on all of your possessions will help you and the insurance company if there is any flood damage. The insurance company can process the claim faster and you can get on with the damage recovery process. This "flood file" should contain; a copy of the insurance policy with the companies phone number and any other important documents. It should also have a room by room inventory sheet of all your possessions. Photographs and video would also greatly help with the documentation. Make sure the "flood file" is kept in a secure waterproof container.

As with any prevention process there are preventive actions that can be done around the house to prepare your home for a potential flood. If you have a sump pump ensure it is in working condition. Clean leaves and debris from downspouts and gutters. Make sure (especially if you are in a high risk zone) that the washer and dryer, furnace and water heater are on cement blocks. They should be at least one foot above the elevated flood projection. Also, the electrical components need to be at least a foot above the elevated flood projection.

Developing a family emergency plan is also a great idea to help prepare for the possibility of a potential flood. Prepare a safety kit with drinking water, blankets, first aid kit, batteries, flashlight and a radio. Plan and practice your family flood evacuation routes and safe routes when on the road. Everyone in the home needs to know emergency phone numbers and have an out of state emergency family contact. If you have pets, they have to be considered too.

Educating yourself on flooding and flood risks will give you an idea of what kind of flood insurance you will need, the extent of flood preparations that need to be done to your home and a better understanding of flood areas. Flood maps of all areas are made to show the high risk, moderate-to-low risk and the undetermined risk flood areas. High risk flood areas are most likely to flood with the right conditions. All this information will help you prepare, plan and make informed decisions on flood damage prevention and safety.

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When Water Damage Strikes

7/2/2019 (Permalink)

Here at SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park, we specialize in water damage restoration. If you have recently experienced a water damage loss due to a recent storm or flood, we can help. We understand the stress that comes when your home or business has been affected by a flood or storm.

Here is some top reason why you should choose SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park to restore your property when tragedies strike your home or business.

Prevent further structural damage or mold

  • We have a 24-hour emergency service that allows us to respond to your needs immediately.
  • Immediate action can prevent mold

We have the right tools

  • Specialize equipment to get the job done
  • Experience technicians

Fixing water damages yourself can be dangerous and time consuming

  • Please remember that water damages should be left to professionals. Without the proper tools and expertise, you can hurt yourself or someone else.
  • We can have our professional water damage experts to clean and restore you home, so you can rest at ease.
  • Our crews can have the job done quickly.

Prevent water damages to your home and belonging

  • Avoid permanent damage by contacting us right away
  • Procrastination can cost you a lot of money

Get rid of bad odors

  • Our reliable team of experts can eliminate the bad odors from your property
  • We can deodorize your home to ensure it smells clean and fresh

Call Today -SERVPRO of Petaluma/Rohnert Park 707-588-8226

If water damages are not handled quickly and properly, it can jeopardize your health and safety, and cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

5 Important Summer Grilling Safety Tips

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Summer is around the corner and many people are anxiously ready for planning to cook outdoors. However, while grilling and hosting barbecue parties can be a lot of fun, it's important to make sure you follow a few safety guidelines to ensure that you and your guests have the best possible experience. The worst thing that could happen during your picnic would be if someone needed to go to the emergency room or the fire department has to be called!

Here are 5 very important summer grilling tips to follow to ensure the safety of you and your guests:

1. Grill From a Distance: Grilling too close to houses, decks, fences, bushes, or trees can greatly increase your risk of a fire while cooking outside. A minimum safe distance should be 5 feet, with 10 feet or more recommended. When you are making foods such as hamburgers or steaks that can drip grease and fat it can cause many flames to shoot up from the grill. You will also want to make sure there are no nearby flammable objects or materials, such as extra propane tanks or aerosol cans. You should never grill indoors or in a garage or covered porch area as this can also be a fire risk. The only things that should be nearby are your cooking necessities and a fire extinguisher!

2. Keep Kids and Pets Safe: A hot grill can be very dangerous to children and animals, especially since they may not realize that it can potentially burn them. Keep kids and pets as far away from the grill as possible and have another adult keep them occupied during cooking to make sure they don't accidentally bump into the grill.

3. Protect Your Body: It is very easy for grease to splatter when cooking, and anytime you are working near a hot surface you will want to make sure that you take precautions to minimize your risk for burns. Using special matches or lighters for your grill, long handled tongs, and heat resistant oven mitts will all help your skin stay safe while barbecuing outside. Make sure your clothes are not too loose also - hanging sleeves or a baggy shirt could easily catch on fire inadvertently.

4. Never Leave the Grill Unattended: It only takes a minute away from your grilling station for something to go terribly wrong. Never when cooking outdoors leave the area. Make sure before you start that you have everything you need including the food, dishes, utensils, seasonings, and maybe even a drink for yourself while you are working.

5. Follow the Manufacturer Recommendations: Different models will have different features and specifications. Be sure that you completely understand the user manual and directions and follow any other additional safety information that comes with your equipment. You should also make sure that you perform regular cleaning and maintenance. Inspect the parts and pieces before use for leaks if using gas or propane and if necessary call a licensed person to repair.

Following these simple safety tips will help prevent injury to you, your guests, or your property. Taking just a few minutes to do these things can reduce your risk and make sure that your barbecue party is a safe and enjoyable one!

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5 Good Reasons For Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services For Your Office

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

It is common sense that most people go for a certain service or product if they find it more useful than other similar available. It is all about better options. It is true for commercial cleaning services also. With the changing times, businesses have changed and so have the customer expectations. Now people expect more quality service, value added products. Keeping this in mind, we will be discussing how commercial cleaning services could benefit over other available options.

Here are a few reasons that will help you understand how commercial cleaning services are the better option when it comes to a clean and hygienic work place.

Better, faster Cleaning Services

Though faster is not always better, but in this particular case it actually is. Office premises vary in area and a single business could extend to more than one building and floors. What these companies excel in is the art of cleaning a premise comprehensively at a professional pace. That does not mean that just to do the jobs in standard predefined timings they would overlook the nooks and corners or do a less than thorough job. The manage it by using high tech cleaning equipment covering more area in lesser time, and by training their staff to make maximum use of their time and technology.

Competition among rival cleaning services

One good thing that has happened in the recent times is that due to the highly competitive prevailing market conditions the benefit of the resulting higher cleaning standards has gone in favor of the customer. Now you have the option of getting better quality services at highly competitive prices.

Use as you choose - Flexible working schedule

As an option against hiring your own cleaning crew, outsourcing such work to a professional service provider gives you the benefit of selecting your own cleaning frequency. Every organization has its own preference and requirement for getting the office premises cleaned. If you are a small or a medium sized business concern you may not require a daily cleaning and hence could go for a biweekly cleaning schedule or may if you feel once a week cleanup is good enough for you, you could make arrangements with the cleaning company for the cleaning work to be done like that.

After hours cleaning services

The biggest advantage of hiring a professional cleaning company is that you can have the work done after or before your office working time. What this means is that you get a clean work place less the hassles of your staff being disturbed during the work hours. However, you could arrange to have mixed services such as off time cleaning and minimal presence of the cleaning crew during work hours just to take care of the odd spill.

Value added services

Like any other business, some of these commercial cleaning services have added more diversity to their mainstream cleaning business. They are now offer value added services such as water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, sanitizing, and pest control and so on...

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Protect Your Home and Personal Property From Lightning Storms

5/16/2019 (Permalink)

With spring, comes lightning storms. Many people enjoy watching as they illuminate the dark night. Mother Nature puts on a beautiful show as the lightning bolts streak across the sky, sometimes flashing for what seems to be an eternity.

The not-so-beautiful part of spring storms is that they cause more property loss in any given year than floods, tornadoes and hurricanes combined! Lightning is a discharge of electrical energy in the atmosphere and flashes from one cloud to another. Therefore, the first thing most people think of when lightning is present is the chance for a fire.

Though lightning storms can happen any season - any month, for that matter - storm season is June through August. Early spring comes in as a close second for active, damaging lightning storms. July has the highest number of lightning fires; 41% strike residential and other structures.

According to the U.S. Fire Administration, approximately 17,400 fires are caused by lightning on an annual basis, resulting in a total of $138 million in property damage. The dollar loss per fire is almost double that of other fires.


The first thing you might think of is a lightning rod. Though many think they attract lightning, what they really do is provide a safe path for the electricity to follow to the ground.

In addition to the structure, you must also protect the personal property inside. Electrical surges often occur and can damage TVs, computers and other electronics. A surge protector installed at the main electrical panel and also at the outlets will often prevent sudden spikes in electrical current, which could have resulted in "fried" electronics.


Review your insurance policy with your agent to make sure you have sufficient coverage on your home and the personal property inside.

Also, create an inventory of all the personal property you own (personal property is described as all items that will fall out of a building when turned upside down and shaken). Insurance companies will require this list when you file a claim for the loss. They will ask for each item you want replaced, what you paid for it, when you purchased it and who the manufacturer was. They will also request model numbers and serial numbers for appliances, electronics, power tools, etc.

Proper insurance and a personal property inventory - together, these will enable you to recover financially if a lightning storm results in a fire that damages or destroys your home or business. You'll not only have your inventory to file the insurance claim quickly, this will lessen the stress while it maximizes your settlement.

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Commercial Restoration Cleaning

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial restoration cleaning is a special type of cleaning service that is offered to buildings that have been damaged by water, fire, or some sort of national disaster. It takes a lot of knowledge and expertise to be done right, and it is important to use after the event of a disaster has occurred. No matter how much damage or how much mess is left after a fire or flood, things can be salvaged and the building or home can be cleaned. Here is more information on this type of cleaning service:

One way to use commercial restoration cleaning is to have all of your carpet professionally dried, shampooed, and vacuumed. This will either salvage the carpet that has been damaged or dirtied, or it will make the decision to replace the flooring altogether more apparent. Any type of cloth or upholstered surface can be cleaned during this process. All of the right methods and products will be used and you can count on the fact that everything will be done in order to make your carpet look like new.

Another example of this type of service is removing any type of foul odor from a home or building. No matter what caused the odor, or how potent it is, there is always a way to clean it and get rid of it. No one likes to be at home or at a commercial property while putting up with an unbearable smell. You can also have your place of business or home completely disinfected from any type of chemical or bacteria. It takes real professionals to go in and make a building safe again in the event of an accident or emergency. This keeps the place healthy and everyone that goes inside healthy and free of harmful bacteria.

If your home has been severely flooded or burnt, the best thing to do is to call in this type of restoration cleaning service as soon as possible. The longer you wait the worst the damage becomes. As soon as you get the company in to inspect your home and to start cleaning it, you will then be able to see what is salvageable and what isn't. This also makes your case with your insurance company much easier to go through.

In any type of event that takes a real commercial grade cleaning company that specializes in restoration you should not hesitate to call and get a quote.

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Storm Damage: Tips to Making It Through a Storm

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

We have been having some major storms lately. Tornadoes, hurricanes and torrential rains have been wreaking havoc throughout the United States. It is important to be as prepared as possible if a storm is coming your way. This means different things depending on the areas in which you live. Also, storm damage varies from location to location. Weather extremes make storm damage nearly impossible to predict. Lightning, wind, ice, floods, rain, extreme cold and heat can cause all types of damage to your home.

When a storm hits it is best to be prepared. Here are some tips to help you maximize safety and minimize the inconvenience storms and storm damage can bring to your life.

1) Have flashlights with spare batteries in a location that is easy to access. Avoid candles if at all possible. It is easier than many homeowners think to leave a candle lit and have fire ravage through your house. Storm damage creates a mess but fire damage creates an environment where the effects are long lasting.

2) Purchase extra bottled water and canned foods. This will create less havoc for you encase of a long lasting power outage. It is important that you have extra water to cook with as well as to drink.

3) Use surge protectors on all major appliances. They will help eliminate the surge from entering these valuable pieces of equipment rendering them useless. If you do not have surge protection and you have fair warning a storm is headed your way unplug all major appliances and electronics.

4) Make sure you have a battery operated radio. It should be on and tuned in to a local station for regular updates.

5) If you go out after a storm has hit you area make sure to avoid down power lines. They are still full of energy and will shock you.

6) If your lights blow during a storm double check your fuse breaker box make sure that you have not just blown the fuses by asking neighbors if their power is out also. If it is the power call the electric company to make sure they are aware of the outage.

7) It is important if your power is out to conserve the energy left in your freezer and refrigerator. You can do this by limiting the times you open and close them. Dry ice is also available for purchase at local groceries if you are able to get out.

8) Of course if the power outage comes at a time of extreme cold you can store food in a cooler outside.

9) In cold weather you will want to make sure that you leave the water dripping to avoid pipes from freezing.

10) Warm clothes should be worn. Use caution with fireplaces and never use flammable liquids to start a fire. It is also important that you never use a gas stove to heat your home. This practice is unsafe and can result in more damage.

11) It is important that if storm damage occurs and you are without power that you use care and caution in running generators.

It is important to note that after a storm you should immediately restock your emergency supplies. It is likely that the season of storms is upon you and that it won't be the last one through your area. Storm damage cannot be prevented but it can be managed. Your reaction in the situation will likely determine how well you cope with the difficulties that come along with the aftermath of storm damage

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