Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded School Gym in San Rafael, CA

These photos were taken after heavy rains had flooded this school gym in San Rafael.  When our crew arrived at the scene, they also found the boys and girl... READ MORE

Flooded Locker Room due to Heavy Rainstorm

This flooded locker room in San Rafael, CA was the result of a heavy rainstorm. When our crew arrived at the scene they found the boys and girl's bathroom ... READ MORE

Flooded Crawlspace due to Heavy Rainfall

This flooded crawlspace in Albany, CA was a result of heavy rainfall.  Crawlspace is typically a difficult and intensive process. Due to excessive rain, th... READ MORE

Water Heater Failure at an Apartment Building

The room in this apartment building had water damage due to a water heater failure.   The water leak seeped through the carpet and left unattended.&nb... READ MORE

Water Damage at a Grocery Store

The water damage shown on these photos was a result of a broken drain pipe at a grocery store.  As soon as the property manager noticed the water damage,... READ MORE

Mold Remediation Service in Sabastopol

The owner of this property in Sebastopol, CA called our SERVPRO professionals after water and mold damage was discovered due to a roof leak. When the leak was l... READ MORE

Fire damage in Lakeport, CA

This fire damage in Lakeport, CA was the result of a microwave caught on fire.  It started in the kitchen and the smoke damage affected various areas ... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Petaluma, CA

This fire damage in Petaluma, CA was the result of product being overheated in the microwave.  After the fire was put out, the exterior of the microwa... READ MORE

Water Damage at a Shoe Store

This water damage at a shoe store was caused by intensive rains in the area due to storm.   The accumulated water made several tiles to collapse to the flo... READ MORE

House Cleanup in Santa Rosa, CA

The individual living in this house had not taken the best care of their place.  As you can see, there were dirt and grime all around the kitchen top, cabi... READ MORE